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Campaign "this year I want"

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Winners of the preliminary design competition for the purposes of NovaAmbienta marketing campaign   

are students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo Sabina Talović and Maria Busic.


In today's global economic crisis, where most are struggling to survive, young people seek their place under the sun. If we support them to develop their knowledge and skills we will give them a chance to survive this challenge time.

Our young cadres are competitive in the world, so our task as a society is to provide them with the conditions and space for new ideas.NovaAmbienta as a collective of young people strives to set the trend of promoting new young talents.

The prize for creativity this time went to a female students of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Sabina Talović and Marina Busic who have shown us that we have a quality and innovative individuals, that are able to create new and useful ideas.

Such an example should be followed by and others as well, because with our support we are aiming to empower young people to be encouraged and to engaged in combat with the new challenges, so that one they can lead this society to a better future.